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Proactively manage your road network using predictive intelligence

As a network operator, you have an essential task to keep our regions moving and tackle our environmental challenges.

Keep your network moving and your travellers happy.

In order to help you develop strategies to minimise congestion, we’ve created Immense: a platform to manage transportation networks using powerful simulation and predictive modelling coupled with accurate ‘digital twins’. It helps you understand the system-wide impact of disruption and assess multiple mitigation scenarios, fast.

Assess the impact of multiple unplanned incidents on your road network.
What if we close two lanes on the southbound Tohoku Expressway in Tokyo now due to vehicle accidents?
Schedule planned works to minimise disruption to your region.
What if we close East 31st Street in New York between 9am and 1pm to fix a faulty water main?
Develop mitigation strategies to alleviate your congestion challenges.
What if we reroute vehicles along the A56 near Manchester and adapt the signal timing?
The benefits are Immense
Accelerate your decision-making with a reliable simulation platform
Minimise congestion and improve journey time reliability for your travellers
Reduce impact of disrupted roads on local air quality and emissions
Help your public transit service navigate road network disruption
Enhancing Infrastructure Operations
Transport for London is committed to keeping London moving: something that London’s 30,000 annual roadworks was impeding from happening, in a big way.
“Bringing innovation in from the market directly contributes to helping us deliver the goals set out in the Mayor of London’s Transport Strategy. As such, we continue to share some of our key problem statements to bring in a wide range of innovators such as Immense through programmes like London Roadlab to test their solutions on our network.”
Rikesh Shah Head of Commercial Innovation at Transport for London
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