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What we do

We are Immense, we deliver large-scale, reusable, highly detailed simulations of people, places and mobility systems that answer the ‘what-if’ questions. Our goal is simple; we provide the easy to use tools that give you the insight you need to make the best possible decisions. Whether you are a transit authority, planner, mobility company or fleet operator our tools enable you to plan, implement and operate cost effective and efficient mobility solutions. By creating highly detailed, synthetic worlds we can not only gain a better understanding of how to improve today’s mobility, but also envision future worlds, rapidly testing the alternatives that will turn them into reality

City Scale Insight

Our cities are inherently complex so how can we deliver efficient mobility systems? Simulating the mobility ecosystem at scale provides a deep understanding of how both people and goods really move through the system.

Only by seeing this across the entire eco-system can true insight be gained and optimal decisions made. So yes, size matters but so does detail. Integrating diverse data sets that define our travel behaviours and the goods that we buy provides rich simulations, at levels that were previously impossible.


Decision Support for Local & Transit Authorities

With increasing urban density and budget restrictions today’s planners are facing their greatest ever challenges.

How to best spend public funds? What impact will developments have? What infrastructure do we need to deliver growth? How can we manage incidents across the network? What policies do we need to implement? How do we keep our cities moving? What-if?

Our tools will offer easy, cost effective access to answer these questions, not just strategically but operationally too.


Decision Support for Mobility Providers

Mobility is changing, fast. Passenger demands are evolving and so are your competitors.

We understand the questions you face; How can I increase efficiencies? How can I grow demand? How many vehicles do I need and where? How can we test new business models? What services should we provide?

By understanding the geographies you operate in we can help you answer these questions so that you can deliver the best services for your customers whilst driving the bottom line.


Wrap Around

Enhances legacy assets to become more accessible, available and more valuable.


Easy to use, cloud hosted solutions require no specialist training

Multiple Access levels

From bespoke enterprise levels to lite access researcher packages


Reusability of approaches and sharing simple outcomes.

Next Gen Compute

Unlocking the potential of next gen compute


Greater insight and fewer boundary effects.

About Us

Immense are a software company enabling intelligent mobility. We have built a software platform that revolutionises how transport stakeholders use simulation to make informed decisions associated with the movement of people and goods.

Our cloud-hosted SaaS platform provides detailed, data-driven ‘worlds’ that enables advanced strategic and operational decision support to drive down costs and increase efficiencies across the transport eco-system - from public authorities to mobility service providers.

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