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We've made transport simulation accessible, so you can make the best decisions for your fleet and infrastructure assets

Empowering Transportation's Evolution

Transport is a fundamental ‘need’ and being disrupted by new technologies, business models, and behaviour changes. But decision-making is slow, expensive and based on limited data meaning the benefits cannot be realised.

The Immense platform enables you to rapidly test the important strategic and operational decisions for global transportation in the digital world - taking away the risk of expensive assumptions and sunk costs.

We’ve assembled the transportation scenario tools you need
Digital Worlds
Our data-driven virtual worlds act as digital replicas of real-world transportation, infrastructure and mobility systems
Mobility Simulator
Our agent-based simulator models the interaction of people, vehicles, infrastructure and any other agents to rapidly evaluate the impacts on transportation, economy, energy and the environment
Customer Benefits
Ready to be Immense?

We’ve revolutionised the use of digital worlds and simulation, so you can deploy the right transport assets to move the world

Rapid Decision-Support
We’ve integrated and automated the building blocks of transport modelling to enable you to quickly access the answers you need
Easy to Use
You don’t need technical specialists to run scenarios because we’ve built a user-friendly, intelligent platform
Answers for Anywhere
We’ve formed alliances with the world’s most trusted data partners so you can access a robust, global data asset
We build and maintain digital worlds so you can rapidly test valuable scenarios

Fleet Managers

Supporting efficient mobility services by helping you manage and optimise fleets of vehicles

Infrastructure Operators

Keeping your disrupted region moving by supporting proactive road network management

Regional Transportation Planners

Helping you manage the future transportation demands of growing, urban populations

We are Immense

Empowering global transportation partners is at the heart of our approach

Strategically positioned around the world

To explore the future of Intelligent Mobility.

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