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Regional Transportation Planning

Smart planning for your smart region

As a regional planner, your greatest challenge is to manage the demands of a growing, urban population and ensure our regions are fit for the future.

Build connected communities, improve quality of life and maintain sustainable regions.

To help you design, build and adapt sustainable regions, we created Immense: a platform that enables informed decision-making by allowing you to rapidly test many transportation-related scenarios and evaluate data-driven insights.

Test the transportation related impacts of future regional planning decisions on your area.
What if we develop new housing, employment sites or changes to road infrastructure in Dubai?
Test the impact of improvements to your public transportation.
What if we increase bus service frequency or adapt vehicle routing in Sydney?
Explore the potential for shared mobility in your region.
What if 10% of people were willing to share a vehicle or trip in Washington DC?
The benefits are Immense
Support your future regional growth by improving speed of collaborative decision-making
Proactively manage future demand for your local infrastructure
Proactively manage future demand for your local infrastructure
Achieve your climate change and air quality objectives with proactive sustainable policy development
Enhancing Regional Transportation planning
England’s Economic Heartland is tasked with developing a 30-year transport strategy, that maximises the economic potential of the Oxford-Cambridge corridor.
“The Immense platform is just the sort of innovation we require to do things differently.”
Martin Tugwell Director of England’s Economic Heartland and President of the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation
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