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Making transportation decision support easy-to-use, accessible and cost effective.

The Immense platform provides mobility intelligence and insight, enabled by powerful digital worlds, activity-based multi-agent simulation and advanced data analytics.

Our solution has two core components:

Digital Worlds

Data-driven virtual worlds that form the validated transportation model. These models act as “digital twins” for transportation, infrastructure and mobility systems.


An activity-based simulation that models the interaction of people, vehicles, infrastructure and any other agents to rapidly evaluate the impacts on transportation, economy and energy.

These components are globally scalable and configured to tackle 3 crucial applications:

Fleet Management

Deploying Mobility Services for the Future

The world is on the cusp of a transportation technological revolution. The combination of new technologies and business models will transform the way we live and work. Transportation system inefficiencies, pollution and fatalities are global societal challenges that can be relieved by the emerging revolution in mobility. In order to capitalise on this opportunity, fleet managers have a key role to play and are already able to reap significant benefits from these technological innovations. Intelligent management and optimisation of fleets using connected vehicles, vast data sets and predictive simulation will be crucial to the success of mobility service providers in an increasingly competitive future.

The Immense platform provides fleet managers with access to intelligent digital worlds and mobility simulation capability in order to deploy optimised fleet services first time, transition to autonomous electric vehicles and test transferability of service to any global location.

Optimise your mobility service operating model.

What if we increase our fleet size by 10% and dispatch vehicles in anticipation of future demand in Miami?

Introduce new technologies and business models to your fleet.

What if we deploy shared autonomous electric vehicles on a subscription basis in Singapore?

Configure infrastructure requirements to support fleet operations.

What if we develop a fleet depot with 20 rapid EV chargers next to Euston station in London?

The benefits of choosing the Immense platform

Deploy the right service, first time

Improve passenger and driver experience

Operate a highly utilised fleet of vehicles

Communicate service performance to all stakeholders

Infrastructure Operations

Predictive Intelligence for Proactive Network Management

A growing population and increased economic activity have added pressure to our transportation systems and as a result the amount of delay experienced across the network has increased, traffic speeds have fallen and overall resilience has dropped. Increasing road congestion contributes to poor air pollution, public transportation delays and makes many streets unpleasant places for people to walk and cycle. Proactively managing this vital asset is crucial for tackling our environmental challenges and keeping our regions moving.

The Immense platform enables infrastructure operators to manage transportation networks using powerful simulation and predictive modelling coupled with accurate ‘digital twins’ that incorporate realistic representations of the movement of people and vehicles. Transportation models for operational environments are increasingly useful to understand the system-wide impact of disruption in granular detail and predict the future impact of multiple scenarios to plan effective mitigation measures.

Assess the impact of multiple unplanned incidents on the road network.

What if we close two lanes on the southbound Tohoku Expressway in Tokyo now due to vehicle accidents?

Schedule planned works to minimise regional disruption.

What if we close East 31st Street in New York between 9am and 1pm to fix a faulty water main?

Develop mitigation strategies to alleviate congestion challenges.

What if we reroute vehicles along the A56 near Manchester and adapt the signal timing?

The benefits of choosing the Immense platform

Reliable platform for supporting rapid decision making in network operations planning

Minimise congestion and improve journey time reliability

Improve air quality and emissions impact of disrupted roads

Understand the impact of road network disruption on public transit routes

Regional Transportation Planning

Smart Planning for Regions

Managing the demands of a growing, urban population is one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. Regions require careful planning based on valuable insights gained through the strategic analysis of historic and real-time data coupled with reliable predictive simulation. This information is crucial to ensuring that planners design and build viable regions that meet the demands of a growing population. Future strategic transportation planning needs to link people, places and opportunities to build sustainable, connected communities.

The Immense platform is used to simulate people, vehicles and infrastructure assets to enable planners and developers to rapidly test many transportation-related scenarios and provide data-driven insights that enable informed decision-making and collaboration. Our approach facilitates efficient development decisions focused on improving quality of life and maintaining attractive, liveable regions.

Test the transportation related impacts of future regional planning decisions on your area.

What if we develop new housing, employment sites or changes to road infrastructure in Dubai?

Test the impact of improvements to your public transportation.

What if we increase service frequency or adapt vehicle routing in Sydney?

Explore the potential for shared mobility in your region.

What if 10% of people were willing to share a vehicle or trip in Washington DC?

The benefits of choosing the Immense platform

Improve collaboration and decision-making to support future regional growth

Manage future demand for local infrastructure proactively

Enable residents, businesses and local councils to engage with regional policymaking

Achieve climate change and air quality objectives with proactive sustainable policy development

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