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November 2021 saw us release v21.4 of the Immense platform – and the latest version of Immense Fleet, our software solution for future mobility.

Immense Fleet is for simulating the deployment of new services, new operating models and new vehicle technologies. Whether implementing a rideshare service or transitioning to a fleet of EVs, Immense Fleet helps you plan operations before making significant investment.

Why simulate?

We’ve got a lot of decisions to make in transport, big and small. Data analytics can tell us a lot about what’s happened before, but not much about the future. Making things better often means trying something new, and with transport simulation we can test and refine to help us make these decisions. Simulation is almost always quicker, cheaper and safer than trialling in the real-world.

So why wouldn’t you want to simulate before you act?

Simulation can also be complex, requiring lots of specialist resource, software and hardware. This means time and money – limiting the questions we can ask of simulation. Immense is working to change this. Our software solutions put simulation in the hands of decision-makers in the mobility sector, making it easier than ever to gain insight from simulating alternative versions of the future.

All-in-one simulation

We make it simple to configure, execute and analyse simulations, meaning Immense Fleet is the ideal tool to plan and manage your operations:

  • Cloud-hosted, so you don’t need specialist hardware and you can access it anywhere

  • Operated from a browser-based GUI, so you don’t need specialist software

  • Streamlined workflows, so you can be up and running within a matter of minutes

  • Available via API, for when you need to integrate with existing systems

  • Embedded analytics, so you gain rapid insight and answers to your questions

As well as the detailed results from our simulations being available by CSV download or structured API call, we also generate a massive range of KPIs for each run. These are available within our embedded analytics offering just minutes after a simulation run completes, covering passengers, vehicles, trips and infrastructure.

Our users can see what all vehicles are doing throughout their simulated day – travelling to get passengers (or goods), driving to their destination, dead-running or recharging – giving far greater insight than simple spreadsheet models.

We’ve taken this a step forward with our latest release – by embedding directly within our platform! You can now playback a simulated day, colour-coding by vehicle or status, or zooming in on a particular part of the network.

Reach out if you’d like to know more about how Immense Fleet can help you make decisions with simulation →

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