Carl Goves - Immense Founder's Blogs

May 23rd, 2018

With Modelling World approaching and our very own Carl Goves speaking at the event, here is a chance for you to find out more about him!

Tell us a bit about Immense and your role here?

I am Chief Engineer, so I'm responsible for our engineering team. This basically means I keep watch over our product's technical development and progress our product roadmap, whilst making sure we are designing the right products to meet commercial demands. That's my primary role... I've got about 50 other roles as well!

Ok so here is a slightly cheesy question, what makes Immense so IMMENSE?

The people! That's probably a cheesy answer as well... The team are fundamentally the thing that makes us who we are. Everyone here works fantastically well together and that's the kind of team we want to build out for the future. So, without the people in place we wouldn't be able to make the company IMMENSE!

What were your passions growing up, what did you think you would be when you were older?

Haha I didn't think I was going to be a transport modeller! When I was younger I wanted to be an athlete... I quite enjoyed doing the triple jump and was inspired by Jonathan Edwards at the time. That was a bit of a pipe dream, but it didn't really happen...

Did you always dream of setting up your own business?

If you asked me 3 or 4 years ago if I saw myself running my own company I probably would have said no. It wasn't something that had always been an ambition of mine. It was more of an 'in the moment' kind of thing!

Where did you get the idea for the business?

Working closely with my fellow co-founders at the Transport Systems Catapult, we were developing game changing projects and able to see some exciting tools which could be further developed to help the emerging mobility landscape. It was at that point I thought we have an opportunity here to exploit, so let's give it a go! It probably wasn't the ideal time for any of us, as we've all got young families, but the opportunity was too good to let slip... so here we are trying to make it successful!

What was it like when it came to actually setting up the business?

Yeah that was AMAZING actually! I think the company had literally just been founded. It was a bit of a wow moment and demonstrated that people are taking notice of the vision we were thinking about and trying to deliver on, whilst being only right at the very beginning of the journey.

How did you overcome your doubts and fear of failure as you set up the business?

A lot of communication between the three of us! Especially in the early stages when it's just the three of you it's easy to just have a company update as there are only three of you - you can do it on the phone or in person. But also having a really supportive family and wife was awesome - That's a big part of it!

What has been the hardest obstacle you have had to overcome?

Ooo that's a difficult question... adapting to having many different roles in the organisation! Traditionally I'm a 'techy' so throughout my career it's been about building models and being close to the technology, how those technologies run and answering client questions. Moving into the business side of things was very different as I am part of making the business run - from recruitment through to finance and operations. I wear a lot of hats in the company!

What's been your biggest success to date?

How quickly we've managed to get interest and traction in the market, through from being featured in Forbes to having new businesses knock on our door and want to work with us. It's validating to know that this business opportunity has legs - which is fantastic

What personal habits and attributes do you think helped you to be a success?

Attention to detail, flexibility (I've probably learnt to be more flexible than I was!), learning to delegate more and trust in others.

What drives and motivates you?

The vision we have and the opportunity we are trying to realise are real drivers for me. Family is really important to me and a lot of why I'm doing this is to make sure they have the best possible future.

What advice would you give to other start-up companies?

Have faith in your idea. Know what you're good at and have confidence, then make sure there is support around you

How do you unwind when you're not working?

Family is the number one thing in my life from a personal perspective. When I'm not here I'm spending time with my daughters or wife, I have a young family, a 3-year-old and 8-month-old.

What would you say is the most exciting tech/ mobility development happening in the industry now?

Autonomous Vehicles is the go to answer. For me, having worked in the transport industry for 15 years now, seeing disruptive technologies like MaaS come about in that sector is really exciting - it's going to revolutionize the way we move around cities. Instead of transport systems being imposed on you, and having services tailored to your needs has huge benefits from a personal perspective but also society as a whole. The potential for streetscape to change and have less vehicles on the street is also really exciting. Hopefully it's a future we will start to see... and Immense can play an important role in!