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How our ‘world-builder’ is accelerating network generation in transport models

A core part of how we enable fast, confident decision-making in mobility is by providing easy access to our digital worlds. Historically, the generation of transport models for individual regions can take 6-12 months.

At Immense, we’ve compressed the network generation aspect to just minutes.

Our partnership with HERE Technologies has enabled the development of our ‘world-builder’ application. It takes basic configuration inputs about a user-defined area and produces a digital network that is ready to run mobility scenarios.

Available data

The data from HERE Maps consists of:

  • Links – representing roads in the network
  • Nodes – representing the intersection of roads
  • Link attributes – each road segment is given a set of characteristics that include speed limit, number of lanes, and link length
  • Travel time – this is the time taken to traverse a link (node to node), which is simply distance divided by speed.

The dataset is refreshed every three months, reflecting any changes to infrastructure and road speeds in the prior quarter. Travel times are derived from ~3 years of rolling data, although HERE are treating COVID-times differently due to the reduced traffic volumes. Whilst travel times are generally updated hourly, we can create Worlds with up to 15min granularity.

A global opportunity

A core benefit of working with HERE is their good data coverage around the world. So far, we’ve been very focused on supporting clients across the UK and US – but our aspiration is to rapidly configure mobility networks for anywhere around the world.

Ensuring valid results

Currently, our Worlds must undergo some manual validation before being issued to clients. This is an important step to build confidence in our solution and ensure the worlds are perfectly developed.

Our “World Builder” is being constructed to automate some of these processes, and the longer-term ambition is for this process to be faster and more seamless, without the need for manual checking.

Remaining flexible to new futures

An important feature of our world-builder is the ability to develop custom worlds. For example, when developing solutions for autonomous vehicles, the rules of the road network may look very different than of conventional vehicles today.

We are able to change certain variables to create a more realistic future network state. These include:

  • The speed limit of roads (road speeds may be reduced for autonomous vehicles)

  • The functional class of roads (autonomous vehicles may be limited to certain road classes.

  • We can also build GTFS-enabled Worlds. These include additional nodes added in to represent bus stops as pick-up and drop-off locations.

Ready to learn more?

Immense is democratising transport modelling. By automating the generation of digital road networks, we are significantly reducing the time to insights and decision-making for fleet operators and automotive manufactuers.

If you’d like to find out more, please contact us here: https://immense.ai/contact-us/

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