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Say Hello to the New Immense Logo

We loved our old logo, but decided that a new year, new decade and wave of upcoming product announcements meant it was time for a refresh.

Even so, we know that many others liked our existing logo, so here we are to explain why we decided to evolve it.

Our first logo was created to celebrate the company launch in 2016. It was distinctive, and playful, and the Möbius strip combined neatly with a ‘play’ button to represent the endless nature of running (or ‘playing’) simulations to improve the way we plan and operate transportation systems.

It was also extremely hard to get right.

Its textured gradations of orange did not work well for standalone monochrome icon or if its colours were slightly changed.  Finally, it wasn’t easy to stitch into our team clothing merchandise.

As we plotted our path to a rapidly scaling global product company, it became even clearer that we needed a striking visual identity that is transferable across all digital and physical assets – product, website, collateral and people. The new brand needed to pull everything closer together, creating a seamless, consistent and distinctive identity, making Immense immediately identify-able.

So here we are. Our in-house marketing team, together with the wonderful folks at Beep Digital worked to create a new, more striking and transferable visual identity. Inspired by concepts of endless multifaceted movement, technology and data flow, our goal was to evolve our brand to reflect the innovation, attitude and personality underpinning our company and simulation platform.

It uses a flat colour palette designed to give a more precise appearance, and still contains the spirit of the original. It’s an evolution, and one that can scale easily, and work better, in many more places.

We de-constructed the icon to reconsider the ‘play’ shape. The new framework pushes out the shape to create an equilateral triangle and created a huge opportunity to integrate an ‘i’ directly into the play iconography. This makes the shape more unique, enabling the icon to standalone and be established globally. We have maintained the integrity of the icon but brought it up to date to complement the vision we have for Immense in 2020 and beyond.

Over the next few months, you’ll see all the other visuals around Immense aligning around this new direction: including the website, events and across the platform.

We’re still Immense, but we hope, more instantly recognizable.


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