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Immense Speaking at UXMK event

Immense are speaking at UXMK event

On Thursday 16th January, Immense’s Steve Mulvey will be speaking at UXMK: UX for Transport + Mobility event held at Volkswagen Financial Services in Milton Keynes.


The event will explore UX, design thinking and customer experience for the transport industry in the future. There will be talks about design-thinking for transport policy and UX and design for new mobility products.


Steve Mulvey, Product Designer (UI/UX) at Immense said,


‘There’s no doubt that new technologies have enabled a huge shift in the type of mobility services that are available today. It’s also arguable that due to many factors, big changes are needed to create a scalable and future-proof mobility system that is resilient against increased urbanisation and population while taking advantage of better AI and automation. But by leveraging these new technologies we also need to humanise them, make them friendly and ultimately make them work for us to improve our lives. I’m very excited to contribute to a discussion on how this can be done and what this technologically enabled and mobile future will look like’


Find out more about the event and how you can attend here

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